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Friday, August 31, 2012

Interview: Alan H Dawe

The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything is a non-fiction spiritual book that tackles the major subjects of life like God, the universe and why things are as they are. It looks at the question of Who am I? However, this is no dusty philosophical or academic work – the book is alive with challenging thoughts, with humour and with ideas that will help you realize that old beliefs can be, and should be, re-evaluated.

Q. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? How long does it take you to write a book?

A. I was interested in writing from the time I was at school, and that is fifty years ago. I have, like many other people, always felt there was a book in me, and now I know there are quite a few books in me. When the workload in my business started to reduce in 2003, I decided it was time to start writing. I wrote for about six months and realized that the book I had written was too theoretical. I decided to undertake various courses of a healing nature, and studied energy healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), naturopathy, and finally The Journey. After a trip to India with The Journey I decided I needed to get back to my writing. I spent another six months rewriting the book, and then suddenly realized that I had to put this book aside and write The God Franchise. You can say that it was an inspired decision as The God Franchise is the foundation for the books that will follow. Six months later that book was essentially complete and I was able to enter it into the prestigious Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award 2011, where it was nominated as a finalist, 4th out of 57 entries.

Q. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

A. I have been interested in the meaning of life since I was a teenager. I have tended to read books of a thoughtful nature, though nothing too academic and dry – such books do not interest me. So through this reading, and various discussions over the years, I have accumulated a philosophy and understanding of life. This has been enhanced by the studies I have mentioned above. Still I was not clear what I believed, so I started to write in order to clarify my own thoughts. There is nothing like writing ideas down to make them more specific and to clear the thinking. What I wrote down made a lot of sense to me and it easily became a holistic and balanced theory of everything.  This writing then became a book that I had to share with the world.

Q. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

A. I learned that I could write in an interesting and meaningful way. I learnt that it is possible to be deep and meaningful without being boring. I learned that other people appreciate what I have written. I learned that writing a book is not as difficult as I had imagined. I learned that marketing the book is the hard part. I have no doubt that, if everyone in the world could hear about my book, I would sell millions of copies. Getting everyone to hear about it is the real challenge! 

Q. How did you come up with the title?

A. I had the words “The God Franchise” as the name for a concept that I had realized in 2003. This was essentially that God had created the natural world and that He had given Man a franchise to create the world of products, communications, technology, and so on. It was when I started writing the book that became The God Franchise, I realized that the concept had much wider implications. I realized that all aspects of God’s nature are given to us to manifest, and that we are literally God Franchisees. The word franchise is allied to a business franchise, and I show the parallels in the book.

The subtitle of A Theory of Everything came at the very last minute. I had used the words a couple of times in the book, and I was looking for a subtitle which would attract the people who were possibly put off by the word “God”. After a couple of false starts, I realized that there was no alternative to A Theory of Everything as that is exactly what the book is.

Q. Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

A. The message is one of great positivity and that everything is all right. The problems that everyone seems to carry around with them are literally figments of their beliefs. Changing the way you perceive the world will have a life-changing effect on you.  There is also a deeper spiritual message here which readers will pick up when they are ready for it. This is a book to read and reread, to contemplate and to discuss with others.

Q. How much of the book is realistic?

A. I would like to think that all of it is realistic. When talking about God and spirituality one cannot expect that one can describe things in an absolutely accurate way, but I would like to think that the pointers I offer are pointing in the right direction.

Q. Do you have a specific writing style?

A. I have written as if I am having a conversation with the reader. I have used words that everyone understands, and if in rereading the passage I realize that a word I have used may not be clearly understood, I will search for a more suitable word. I have also tried to keep the book light and to the point, so that people are not bogged down in trivia. I use humour and wit to stop the work becoming too heavy, and also to break down preconceptions. I have written a larger number of shorter chapters. So this book has 46 chapters and 5 appendices. The appendices are purely there to remove material from Part One that can be safely ignored.

Q. Can you share a little of your current work with us? What are your current projects?

A. Unfortunately my major focus at present is on marketing. Nevertheless I am contemplating my future books. The next one is likely to be called Significant Things and is the completion of the book I was working on when I broke off to write The God Franchise. This book looks at numerous topics which are of significance to us in life and puts them into a supportive context, which, of course, is The God Franchise. Topics include happiness, relationships, sex, passion, obsession, addiction, disappointment, frustration, procrastination, depression, evil, sin, temptation, guilt, justification, fear, pain, illness, old age, death, grief, loneliness, healing, forgiveness, anger, stress, and so on. At present there are over 70 short chapters, but that is likely to change.

I also feel the need to write an even deeper explanation of The God Franchise, covering its inner meaning. What this is is percolating within me at present.

Once I get the marketing aspects set up and I am getting traction in the marketplace with The God Franchise, I want to get onto completing Significant Things, certainly within the next 12 months.

Q. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

A. No, I believe that I resolved its inherent problems before publishing. There are five appendices which are literally taken out of the heart of Part One of the book, titled Does God Really Exist? While I believed it was necessary to cover the views of theists and atheists, etc., I felt that a long, logical explanation at the start of the book set the wrong tone for the rest of the book. By sticking these chapters at the back of the book, they make optional reading, as many people will start from the premise that of course God exists.

The other thing I learned and I fixed was about quotations. They really slowed down the process of publishing the book, and in future I will minimize quotations. Once I have decided what I need to use, I will get the necessary permissions right away.

Q. Do you have any advice for other writers?

A. Just write and write. Once you get regular at it, the book will start to write itself. Stay open to the possibility that it is not you, the Ego with all your insecurities, who is writing, but an inner Self that is closely attuned to what needs to be said. Let it flow. Keep it real, as in be true to yourself. Use words your readers will understand. Allow for the fact that you may need to have an editor tidy up the grammar and spelling later; that is not necessarily your concern. Minimise your quotations, and if and when you have decided on some, get permission to use them as soon as you get a chance!

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

A. Read The God Franchise and enjoy it. Allow the truth within the book to flow into your life. Reread and contemplate – there is much here for you to discover.

Thank you very much for this interview, and the opportunity to answer some questions about the book and the process of writing it.

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Information on The God Franchise by Alan H. Dawe
The God Franchise dares to offer refreshing answers to the big questions of life and God and the universe in a friendly, down-to-earth, thought-provoking, stimulating, entertaining yet practical way. You will clearly see why God exists, why the universe exists and most importantly, why you exist. You will get a clear understanding of the meaning of life and the Universal Laws that guide it. You will be astounded at the simplicity of the big picture, while recognising the profundity of this glimpse of the Truth. You will begin this journey of discovery in the timelessness before the universe began and will reach today, this moment in time, in a state of clarity about how to live your daily life with purpose and fulfilment.
The subtle humour and many comments from left field conspire to keep you awake and interested, not to mention the destruction of old stereotypes and preconceptions. The book is written in a way that will compel you to keep turning the page and reading on. This is not an academic work, but nevertheless is logical and specific. Vague new age concepts and woolliness are avoided as they serve no one. Little is sacred, except the hint of Truth that permeates the whole book.
The God Franchise is original in that it offers the bridge between religion and modern spirituality. It puts the old teachings into a new light and context. It provides the aha moment that you have been seeking. It changes one’s relationship with God and with one’s fellow Man. It achieves this with lucidity, practicality and humour, not to mention love, respect and deep spirituality. This is a book for reading, for quiet contemplation, for discussion, and for living. It lends itself to being reread with interest and enjoyment. This book challenges you to give up concepts that no longer serve you.

From the back cover:
Do you ever wonder ... Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why are things the way they are? What is the universe all about? Who or what is God? What is The God Franchise? And a Theory of Everything? Really?
The God Franchise offers a compelling perspective that will help you to answer these questions . . .  and many others you might have about your life. This is a book of deep spirituality written simply and logically, and tinged with a sense of humour.  It can be read and reread and is guaranteed to provide you with fresh insight and understanding each time.
The God Franchise is a book about God and the universe we live in. It is also a book about YOU ― your loves, your triumphs, your good and not-so-good actions, your fears, and your pain. You will uncover truths about who you are and the purpose of your life. In fact, it is a Theory of Everything!
The God Franchise is a unique book. It is addressed to you, whatever your present beliefs and understanding of God and the universe. It is spiritual rather than religious, and builds bridges between your beliefs and others’, whether religious, agnostic, atheistic, or spiritual.

The God Franchise sets out to challenge and edge you towards uncovering your deepest personal reality. It is a practical book in many ways, yet, if you so choose, you don’t need to do a thing.
But, you will never be the same again ...

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