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Friday, February 8, 2013

Book Review: Decoy

Title: Decoy
Author: Michaela Debelius 
Format Reviewed: ebook
Blurb:   Lieutenant Noel Casey is taken aback by her newest military assignment. Her usual routine of vaccine development is interrupted when she's assigned to analyze Killian, a genetically engineered soldier designed for exceptional strength and intelligence. She's not accustomed to working with human subjects, especially a person created for warfare, and Killian's indifference is making it difficult to see past his robotic demeanor.

When Noel is attacked outside Killian's containment quarters, he is forced to intervene. The altruistic act instantly transforms their relationship, though neither will admit to the shift in sentiment. The predator is now the protector in Noel's eyes, and she's thrown off by her growing captivation.

As if her infatuation with a virtual stranger isn't enough of a distraction, she begins having terrifying nightmares. Her cryptic dreams appear to harbor an elusive warning as she watches them materialize into existence, proving the nightly visions foretelling. She begins to suspect the military base is concealing far more than an experimental soldier, and she can't shake the feeling Killian is the axis of the chaos. Noel must decide whether she'll accept the unconvincing explanations offered by her peers, or reject her comfortable environment for an unimaginable truth. With her premonitions pointing towards a violent outcome and her irrational draw to Killian becoming impossible to ignore, she realizes the choice has already been made for her. Noel's understanding of science is about to be shattered

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My Review: For some reason, I had a really difficult time getting into this book. I'm not certain as to why. It's not that the author isn't talented. Because she is. I guess I just have to be snapped in from the beginning and I just didn't feel that here.

I'd say this is sci-fi, not paranormal. However, the sci-fi was definitely there. (Also note, I never count off for editing and/or formatting as generally it's teh author putting trust in someone else.)

Now for you lovers of sci-fi, the alien world created is absolutely wonderful.

Rating: 3/5

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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