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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Review: Sacrifice of Ericc

Title: Sacrifice of Ericc
Author: Anthony G. Wedgeworth
Format Reviewed: print
Thorik Dain takes a vow to save Ericc from being sacrificed to end a prophecy. However, in doing so he finds Ericc has revenge on his mind for the murder of his father. Thorik chases Ericc across Australis to prevent him from attacking his father's killer. The same man who is planning to Sacrifice Ericc once he comes out of hiding.

My Review: 
This is book #2 in the Altered Creatures Series. All books do stand alone.

First I have to say -- YAY! More Thorik. Those who read my reviews regularly know that I hate when a series changes the focus from the original main character. So I was relieved to see that this series wasn't going to do that to me.

I absolutely love that Thorik is intelligent. He can't make fire from his palms or shoot a laser beam from his eyes. He thinks. In this book he's off to save Ericc, who he soon finds out, wants to avenge his father death.

We're again taking on a journey through their world. Twists, turns and surprises keep you turning the pages, yet again, during book two. If you liked Thorik in book one, you'll like him even more as you read through the book. I found myself feeling as though I was right there with them through the wonderful descriptions and story.

The same as book one, I couldn't wait to pick up book three after I'd finished this one.

Rating: 5/5

Details/Disclaimer: Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

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