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Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Review: The Recessionistas ( #AtoZChallenge )

Summary from GoodReads:
It's the day after Labor Day, 2008, and the bottom is about the drop out of the economy. Hedge fund owner John Cutter is in the process of an ugly divorce and nearly in financial ruin, except for the assets he is hiding from his wife Mimi in the Cayman Islands. When he concocts a scheme to redeem himself, he enlists Lehman Brothers investment banker Blake Somerset as an accomplice. Blake is ripe for recruitment given that he too is on the verge of being in dire financial straits given Lehman's decline and imminent bankruptcy. Blake's socialite wife Grigsby is barely aware of her changing world to begin with, and has no idea of the perilous situation her husband is about to enter into. As autumn unfolds, Grigsby's fairytale life starts to unwind. Meanwhile, John and Blake's scheme comes to light when street-smart Renee Parker begins her new position as John's executive assistant. Convinced something is amiss, she enlists her friend Sasha Silver, CEO of Silver Partners, to help her decipher what is happening. This story of expulsion from a modern-day Garden of Eden captures what happens when economic decline spells ruin for Manhattan's pampered elite.

My Review: Well, I wasn't too certain on what to expect from this book. It's listed as chick lit and I'm never sure on which side of the track I'm on for that genre.

This book puts a focus on the economy and other financial aspects of our society, as well as what happens when the millionaires may not have millions tomorrow.

I liked how this book shows flaws in people, maybe too many flaws in some characters, but still, it made them human rather than a fairytale or out there unbelievable happenings {sorry ladies, no vampires and werewolves}. There were definitely a few people throughout this book that I'd have loved to smack a few times.

With that being said, this is the prefect book for those who enjoy the proverbial power couples. This story does keep moving and you're never really stuck, but I just found myself not being able to fully connect. I'm all for hating a character or two {and who doesn't like to hate the overly conceited, spoiled, wealthy person once in awhile}, but I couldn't pull myself into this book.



Pages: 306

Review copy of this book provided by the author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. In no way did the provision of the book affect the outcome of my review.

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