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Thursday, April 24, 2014

After Much Consideration - Closing Blog, Importing #Reviews

It's been a long few years and I keep missing days. While I read, I don't find it enjoyable any longer to have to write it all up and post, share and promote. I guess I've just gotten lazy in my old age.

I'll be allowing Nyxx's Nook to import all my reviews (or, at the least, any she wishes to have on her blog). No credit is due to me, I'm simply happy that some may still be featured online.

Anything I've spoken to authors about, the features will now be handles by Nyxx. She'll be using most all the ideas I was working on.

I'll leave my email up for about another week or so and then no longer be checking it.

You can find Nyxx's Nook here -
Her email is

Thanks so much to everyone that has stuck with me. Happy reading and writing.

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