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  1. Do you like history. Salt by Kurlansky was outrageous. All of his books are great reads. I think some of his books need a little better editing by third and fourth eyes in general they do the job.

    Have fun a gypsy wop viking...

  2. I love history as well as anything that has any bit of "learning" in it.

  3. Hello Makayla,
    I found you on Book Blogs. How refreshing to find someone who appreciates well-written books of all genres!
    Please let me know if you are interested in reviewing "Memory Lake, the forever friendships of summer," Vantage Point Books, July 2011, a memoir for teenagers and older. Male or female will enjoy its wholesome themes and polished flow. Multiple plot lines include coming-of-age, inspirational, summer camp, overcoming fear and loss, daughter dynamics, lasting friendships, nature, Lake Michigan, and those lessons learned in youth which are vital to remember as we grow older.

  4. Makayla- I am following your blog and love it if you would follow mine in return. I would reeeaaaly love it if you would review my book. Please let me know if it interests you!


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